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BOC Academy Programme

Why is BOC Group offering an Academy programme?

BOC Group was founded more than 20 years ago as a spin-off of the University of Vienna. Since then, we have been deeply involved with research and spreading knowledge alongside our commercial offerings. Many of our employees are presently active as lecturers or guest lecturers. The constant information exchange with national and international educational institutions as well as our vast experience in research projects is a valuable asset for all. We are pleased to be able to give something back and to have this opportunity to provide students, lecturers and researchers with free platforms and content in IT-based management through the BOC Academy programmes.

Who is eligible to participate in the Academy programme?

Are there any costs involved – one-time or recurring fees?

What is the difference between the lecturers and the students account?

What are the terms and conditions (GTC) of BOC Group and where can I find them?

Is it possible to tailor the Academy programme of BOC Group individually for our educational institution, e.g. In terms of a local installation,
in the sense of co-operation in education or research?

Academic Cloud

What exactly is included in a lecturers account under the Academy programme?

The account provides free access to ADONIS or ADOIT for the duration of a course including preparation and review time (max. 8 months) for the lecturer and for all students. Access is a SaaS based, i.e no on-site installation is required. All access is via a standard web browser.

How is the SaaS access structured for the lecturers?

Can I test the Academic Cloud before I sign up?

Can I enroll students for a course?

Is it possible to host ADONIS and / or ADOIT directly in the infrastructure of our educational institution and for example integrate with existing directory services or course deployment systems?

Academic Content

What material is available in the Academic Content?

BOC Group offers lecturers course materials for use free of charge. These include, for example, a BPMN course delivered with the support of presentation slides and accompanying exercises and sample solutions for process management. ADONIS and ADOIT are also pre-filled with comprehensive sample material, which you are welcome to expand with your own documents and required changes. In the case of even partial use of our content as part of your teaching courses, we value the correct citation. Accompanying video material as well as technical posters on BPMN and EA are also available to complete our offering.

Is there any other content available to get me started?

Academic Network & Practice

Can you explain the "Guest lectures and / or practical examples"?

The guest lecture is an opportunity to enrich the classroom lectures with session focusing on a specific topic. It can either be specialized know-how on the software (e.g. analyses, optimizations, etc.) or a specialist focus in terms of commercial practical experience. If you are interested in organizing a guest lecture, please contact us.

What are the topics for guest lectures?

What is on offer in terms of research and research projects?

Can new modelling methods be developed?

What other forms of networking are available?

Handling Data

Where does BOC Group store my data?

Our main concern is that your data is secure. For this reason, BOC Group has entered into partnerships with experts in the operation of IT infrastructures in order to secure your data. Our partner in Switzerland is an ISO 27000-certified data centre and the data centre for our backup is in Germany. If you rely on our cloud services, all your data will be stored in Europe, where the highest data security regulations apply.

What happens to the data after my professor or student account has been disabled?

Does BOC Group share my information with any third parties?

Support & Services

I have a problem or a question – can I contact someone?

• If you have a technical problem (e.g. Login, etc.) please contact support(at)
• If you have questions about using ADONIS or ADOIT, we recommend our online web training and informative webinars. For details about upcoming events and other tutorials can be found in the "Knowledge Centre" in ADONIS and ADOIT, or on our website. For on-site training or individual web training please contact us.
• If you have any other questions? Contact us directly.

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset my password?

Is there a user manual or other material to get to know ADONIS / ADOIT?

Does BOC Group offer training courses to learn how to use ADONIS and ADOIT?

What are the technical requirements for using the Academic Cloud?



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