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You are applying for a student account in the BOC Academy Programme. Please note that this is an individual account that can only be accessed by you. If you need access for several students / lecturers, then please apply for course access or make sure that your lecturer / professor applies for it. Please note the validity of the terms and conditions of BOC Group.

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By submitting this application, you confirm that you meet the following requirements:
• You are a student in an educational institution and use access for a thesis (Bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation) or other research. This is ensured by your confirmation as well as the use of your e-mail address from the training institution you are attending. Details of intended use are briefly explained by you.
• You do not use the access for commercial purposes.
• The creation, use and publication of content in or from this account for the purpose of functional comparisons between different manufacturers requires the prior written consent of BOC Group.

What next?

• If there are any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact us directly.
• You will receive an e-mail with your access details as well as additional information after the checking and set up process (max. 3 business days).

Do you just want to test ADOIT or do you not meet the requirements for a student account in the BOC Academy Programme?

No problem! Just use the ADOIT 30-Day Free Trial – or contact us. BOC Group reserves the right to review your claim to use a student account and refuse selected requests.

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