Dublin, Ireland, Tuesday July 5, 2016

The BOC Group is excited to announce the release of ADOIT 7.0, designed especially for you to enjoy its ease of use, communication and governance mechanisms. ADOIT 7.0 means yet another milestone in the evolution of BOC Group's Enterprise Architecture suite. We are sure you'll be pleased with the results.




Ease of Use

Establishing and operating Enterprise Architecture sustainably in an organization is a challenging act. Even more so if taking on that challenge is being thwarted continuously by overly complex methods and incredibly complicated toolsets. ADOIT represents the one EA suite that commits itself to intuitive usage, attractive UI and an easy, scalable method. Inspire all your EA stakeholders!

Modern look and feel

Even architecture tools can be appealing

Half the battle in successfully introducing an EA tool is to get users excited about it. ADOIT's intuitive flat design promotes an easy to use and attractive environment for analysing and maintaining architecture information on the web. Inspire the tool users with simple yet powerful analysis so they keep coming back for more.

Added Value

  • Make EA attractive to more stakeholders
  • Lower the acceptance barriers
  • Present analysis results live in ADOIT
  • Create enthusiasm through simplicity

Tablet Support

Architecture on-the-go

With iPad support your architecture information is always with you. Trigger different analyses and reports directly from your management dashboards or review and approve data actuality from the iPad to keep architecture Information up-to-date and fit for purpose.

Added Value

  • iPad compatible reporting and analysis dashboards
  • Collaborate and share content on-the-go
  • The golden source of EA Information at your fingertips

Embed Images

A picture is worth a thousand words

Enrich your architecture models to promote collaboration among the stakeholders. Let images be part of your architecture landscapes or use photographs of flip charts or meeting notes to aid in discussions on to-be architecture designs. Flexibly add some colour to your architecture repository.

Added Value

  • Collaborate intuitively by integrating meeting notes
  • Provide recognizable corporate graphics to architecture diagrams


Organize your architecture repository like a pro

Improve the filing structure of your EA repository containing capabilities, processes, applications, interfaces, information objects, technologies components, risks etc. by using multiple explorer windows to sort them. Using the Organizer, drag and drop architecture artefacts from one window to another and arrange your architecture content in no time. Effortlessly, find everything you need without having to search up and down the folders.

Added Value

  • Quickly organize your content
  • Keep your folder structure clean
  • Maintain all your EA artefacts well stored

Object Alignment

Let ADOIT take care of the details

Save your energy while modelling and let ADOIT organize architecture elements in portfolios or architecture diagrams automatically as you are creating or extending your models. The various alignment options keep diagrams nice and tidy with just one click. That way you can spend less time re-arranging and more time analyzing and communicating.

Added Value

  • Save time modelling
  • Make your models easy on the eye


Provide up-to-date architecture information to your organization and profit from mutual collaboration! The more frequent your colleagues can benefit from using architectural data the higher their willingness to contribute to this valuable source of information. Let ADOIT be the promoter for active collaboration in your EA continuum.

Reporting board

Your analysis command centre

Your EA repository is the golden source for endless reports and analysis views. The reporting board provides you an overview of all available viewpoints and report templates and guides you in using them most intuitively. Generate the desired report or graphical analysis by simply dropping objects on the desired, suitable report tile on the Reporting Board.

Added Value

  • Drag and drop architecture elements to generate views
  • Grant role-based access to reports by type
  • Get an overview of your report templates

Export Analysis Views

Impress the audience at your next presentation

Whether you want to export that nice matrix to Excel to play with the data, or simply step-up your next presentation with powerful analysis results (as PDF or PNG), the new export feature will let you take even more control of your reports and views. In the meantime, stay in touch with your audience by inviting them to participate in your models or just to share content with you.

Added Value

  • Take more control of your EA analysis results
  • Run further analysis on the data export
  • Easily share the results of your analysis with other stakeholders


As EA initiatives grow and more and more stakeholders rely on analysis results, governance becomes an important topic: with ADOIT, support your enterprise architects to scale up and govern the EA initiative. Control the central repository artefacts and assure their (de-centralized) maintenance so that the sum of all pieces allows for powerful and extensive analysis.

Architecture navigator

Dynamically traverse through the architecture layers

See past the surface and view all dependencies that exist in your repository. As you model, the Architecture navigator dynamically displays all related elements that you might need when building your models such as used technologies or provided interfaces, etc. Press "Play" and sit back and watch as ADOIT does the modelling for you.

Added Value

  • Automodel - Live Impact Analysis
  • See all dependencies at a glance 
  • Understand relations on-the-go

What is ADOIT?

ADOIT is the intuitive and suitable tool
for all roles in enterprise architecture.




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