Dublin, Ireland, Monday 6 February 2017

Once more the BOC Group is happy to announce a new release of ADOIT. For this new year, ADOIT 7.5 is coming loaded with a rich collection of improvements that sets ADOIT apart from all the mere run-of-the-mill architecture tools that are out there this snowy winter. We have summed up the lessons learned of the last 365 days and this is the result.


Let's start the year with the right foot forward!




Ease of Use

Establishing and operating Enterprise Architecture sustainably in an organization is a challenging act. Even more so if taking on that challenge is being thwarted continuously by overly complex methods and incredibly complicated toolsets. ADOIT represents the one EA suite that commits itself to intuitive usage, attractive UI and an easy, scalable method. Inspire all your EA stakeholders!

Spell check

Easily spell-check your titles and texts

Distressed about making spelling mistakes or overlooking any typos that have slipped into your texts? Just push the button and submit all your comments without thinking. Let yourself focus on what really matters and leave the little things to us.

Added Value

  • Automatic spell check
  • You choose the proofing language, and change it at any moment
  • Grow your dictionary: add new vocabulary to the glossary at any time

Switch my/all artefacts

Your artefacts at hand

Going crazy when you can't find the artefacts you recently used? That's why ADOIT dashboards will be practical for you. Have all your important information always close at hand to immediately catch up with your latest work.

Added Value

  • Work faster
  • Always have your repository objects in sight
  • Save time searching for your assets


Provide up-to-date architecture information to your organization and profit from mutual collaboration! The more frequent your colleagues can benefit from using architectural data the higher their willingness to contribute to this valuable source of information. Let ADOIT be the promoter for active collaboration in your EA continuum.

Pre-defined views on Reporting Board tiles

Trigger predefined queries on-demand

Struggling when having to show your analysis on a presentation? ADOIT comes with a new access point to trigger your most important queries with one click. Let ADOIT do the analysis for you and keep the information you most frequently need on hand.

Added Value

  • New tile on your Reporting Board for a quick analysis
  • Effortless search
  • Run queries with one click


As EA initiatives grow and more and more stakeholders rely on analysis results, governance becomes an important topic: with ADOIT, support your enterprise architects to scale up and govern the EA initiative. Control the central repository artefacts and assure their (de-centralized) maintenance so that the sum of all pieces allows for powerful and extensive analysis.

Application Roadmaps

Railroad maps for the best picture of your EA

Without a proper plan, your applications' destiny is uncertain and your core objectives up in the wind. With application railroad maps you can schedule in advance your applications' replacement strategy over a chosen time frame. Reasons why you will love it? You will have smoother application transitions in your company and be more aligned to your business needs than ever.

Added Value

  • New Gantt extension

  • Clear picture of your applications' evolution
  • Line up and match your business needs

Technology Roadmap

Visualize the lifecycles of your repository

Get a full comparison of your technologies' lifecycles at a glance. Capture an appealing view of your IT progression plans and provide a perspective similar to those of railway tracks. Uncover a technology's successor and predecessor relations to understand the complex migration scenarios and serve as a basis for your IT decisions.

Added Value

  • Colour legend for your technologies' lifecycles
  • Visualize various lifecycles at once<s>

Metamodel access rights

Share only what is relevant with external stakeholders

Many experts contribute to building your architecture. Get their direct input by allowing them to edit only the specific field of those objects you grant them access to. Be sure that your next cost and risk evaluations are done by the right people.

Added Value

  • Grant access down to the field level when needed
  • Decentralize your architecture documentation
  • Allow others to contribute to architecture improvement 

What is ADOIT?

ADOIT is the intuitive and suitable tool
for all roles in enterprise architecture.




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