What's new in ADOIT 8.3

Dublin, Ireland, Tuesday, 23 January 2018

BOC Group is happy to announce a new release of ADOIT. The top of the line EA suite ADOIT 8.3 offers powerful new features to support your EA initiatives for improved collaboration and transparency. With the new workflow capabilities and release state filter options, on top of other exciting enhancements, it has never been easier to actively control the lifecycles of an EA documentation. Another special highlight for you: Comprehensive tutorial videos that will help you become an expert in ADOIT at your own pace.

New Flat Style Design

Explore the new, fresh design of ADOIT

The aesthetics of our user interface have been taken to the next level – all modelling objects have been reinvented in flat design. Following the principle “less is more”, design has been reduced to a minimum, bringing functionality to the fore. Enjoy the new modern look of ADOIT which also perfectly matches the design of other products of the BOC Management Office.

Added Value

  • Enjoy the modern look and feel
  • Focus on functionality

EA Workflow and Control & Release Scenario

Manage ever-changing Enterprise Architectures

Company growth goes hand in hand with the growth of your EA documentation like capabilities, applications and technologies. Over time, some of this documentation will need to be adapted, dismissed or newly introduced. With the new EA workflow, you can benefit from a governed process for making those changes subject to a multilevel review for quality assurance before release. Once elements are released, ADOIT takes charge of only showing released information to those consuming content, while keeping the release states of all objects transparent to the Enterprise Architect at anytime.

ATTENTION: This feature is not active within the ADOIT 30-Day Free Trial. Please contact us to schedule a demo, in case you are interested in this new feature.

Added Value

  • Proper review of EA documentation objects prior to release
  • Keep information up-to-date and transparent

Release State Filter

Access different release states of your EA documentation

When browsing through EA documentation, readers are mostly interested in information that has been confirmed and released, whereas architects and managers need the flexibility to check and perform analysis on objects in different release states. The new release state filter provides intuitive means to display only those parts of your EA documentation you currently want to focus on.

Added Value

  • See all released documentation at a glance

  • Choose to display EA documentation in different release states

Comprehensive Tutorial Videos

Learn to handle ADOIT like a pro

Experience our revolutionary Knowledge Centre in ADOIT. Whether you are a beginner or an expert – our comprehensive and instructive tutorial videos are made for everyone and provide valuable support during your journey with ADOIT. Discover this enjoyable way of learning!

Added Value

  • Learn at your own pace, regardless of time constraints
  • Repeat your training as often as you wish

  • Gain valuable knowledge in a matter of minutes

Object Tooltips

Consume EA information even faster

Get access to everything you seek with minimal effort, when reading architecture information. The new object tooltips display information about an object when hovering the mouse cursor directly over it. Therefore, entering an object's notebook to consume information is no longer necessary. This way, readers can discover object information such as descriptions, referenced elements, etc. even faster.

Added Value

  • Consume key information in no time

  • Select the information you would like to see at once

Search Extensions: Highlighting and Limited Search Scope

Quickly find what you came for

Find what you were searching for in a heartbeat. The search result highlighting feature already available for object and model notebooks, is now also available for the general search function: Words you are searching for will be highlighted wherever they occur and will easily catch your eye. In addition, you can narrow down the scope of your search to specific folders of your model or object repository.

Added Value

  • Benefit from improved retrievability and analysis of your EA elements and architecture
  • Get more precise search results

Reporting: PDF/A Support

Assure readability of your reports in the long-run

When striving for a safe preservation of your electronic data, it is essential to create documents you can access at any point in the future; irrespective of how technology will transform. With ADOIT you can optimize your long-term archiving process by creating everlasting PDF/A reports directly in the tool. Your data archive will no longer be affected by any limitations in readability.

Added Value

  • Create everlasting reports
  • Make your archive safe for the future

What's new in ADOIT

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What is ADOIT?

ADOIT is the intuitive and suitable tool for all roles in enterprise architecture.

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