What's new in ADOIT 8.5

Dublin, Ireland, Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The latest release of our EA suite – ADOIT 8.5 – comes with full ArchiMate support, the new Knowledge Centre, an optimized user interface and together with a mix of fresh features and functionalities. This ADOIT version is set for being the most agile, powerful and robust version ever! Discover the future of Enterprise Architecture software tools right here!


ArchiMate has established itself as a a worldwide standard notation for enterprise architecture modelling. As such, we considered it of vital importance for our users to be able to use and apply its concepts within our EA suite ADOIT. That's why, with ArchiMate fit for business, BOC Group has designed and applied a best practice method that includes all ArchiMate concepts for a long time already. But now, the time has come to bring this collaboration to the next level.


ADOIT 8.5 brings you a brand new, specially dedicated ArchiMate metamodel. The new ADOIT version allows you to fully design and analyse your enterprise architecture using the standard set of concepts defined in ArchiMate 3.0.1. All graphics and objects have been designed and integrated to harmoniously fit with both, ADOIT’s modern interface and ArchiMate’s well-known and recognizable look and feel. On top, the classic ArchiMate modelling method has been further enhanced and extended with BOC Group's proven core concepts, portfolio approach and best practices. This provides even more possibilities like personal dashboards, a variety of different views, search and analysis functions, validation checks and many more!


With the introduction of the ArchiMate metamodel in ADOIT, BOC Group will now support both the ADOIT Standard metamodel and the Archimate metamodel in parallel. Customers have the possibility of choosing their preferred metamodel.


PS: This feature is currently not available in the ADOIT 30-Day Free Trial. If you are interested in checking out the ArchiMate metamodel, be sure to reach out to us and schedule a free, personal web demo or watch our latest "ADOIT 8.5 unboxed" webinar!



Build up your Enterprise Architecture relying on the #1 worldwide EA standard notation  

Enjoy the classic ArchiMate feel enhanced by the core features of BOC products

Model without limits and with full ArchiMate 3.0.1 support


Browse through our other favourites from this release and check out how the additional feature highlights
play their part in contributing to what ADOIT is today.

New Filter & Sort Functionality

Keep it Down to the Essentials

While analysing EA elements and objects, focus and clarity are key for not losing sight in the Enterprise Architecture jungle. With ADOIT 8.5 you can now simply reduce the amount of EA information – like architectural elements or context information on these elements – presented in the scenario widgets, by defining filter criterias of your own choice, hence allowing yourself to concentrate on what really matters. You set the tone and ADOIT's clever filters respond in a flash!

Added Value

  • Adapt the EA information shown according to your preferences

  • Declutter, create clarity and analyse effortlessly
  • "Keep your eyes on the prize"

User Interface Improvements

Enjoy the Optimized User Experience

ADOIT has been fine-tuned to provide you with quick and easy access to important functions and further enhance usability. The new functional buttons offer direct access to object and model catalogues, as well as collaboration and validation functions and the dependency analyser, in just one click. On top of that, we have revamped the Reporting Board and the style of the collaboration stream to complement the minimalistic design.

Added Value

  • Access your important functions quickly and easily
  • Find your way around the Reporting Board a lot better

Knowledge Centre

Acquire Knowledge, Expand Knowledge

Meet the Knowledge Centre, your central point of access to a world full of knowledge. If you want to get up to speed with ADOIT, then the Knowledge Centre is “the place to be”. Our comprehensive video tutorials are there to help you learn, in just a matter of minutes and are available to you at any time and as often as you like. The Knowledge Centre not only provides you with valuable knowledge, but also with the latest news and information on upcoming free webinars and events, so you can always keep up.

PS: Now, with our ADOIT 8.5 release, we have integrated the Knowledge Centre in all editions of the tool to make it available for everyone.

Added Value

  • Learn at your own pace, regardless of time constraints
  • Repeat your training as often as you like
  • Gain valuable knowledge in a matter of minutes

Hide Empty Attributes

Embrace Simplicity and Focus

Dealing with dozens of objects and models on a daily basis can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when looking through and processing a lot of information. ADOIT recognizes and understands this pain point and now provides even greater readability and ease-of-use. The new property filter extension gives you the possibility to hide empty attributes in the object or model properties, while consuming the information in read mode. This creates a more simplistic and clear overview of the important things you need to see and use and allows you to only focus on the attributes with set values.

Added Value

  • See and focus only on the important things

  • Clearly and quickly overview all relevant notebook attributes
  • Ensure better readability of your notebook values

Advanced CRUD Export

Ready, Set, Export!

Processing data is one of those vital functions most of us perform almost every day, in one way or another. And companies often need to have a good overview and a clear idea of what data is being processed and how it is being processed. This is exactly where ADOIT's notable and well-known CRUD Matrix steps in. In order to help you with the analysis of your processing applications and to provide an even better baseline for offline discussions, this CRUD matrix comes with an enhanced Excel export functionality. Now, all access types – Create, Read, Update and Delete – become immediately transparent by being represented in a separate column for each application.

PS: Please note that, when using the ArchiMate metamodel, the CRUD matrix is implemented as the ACCESS matrix, providing the access types “read” and “write”.

Added Value

  • Have a more detailed overview when exporting the CRUD matrix in Microsoft Excel


Check out our selection of other nice features contributing to the ease-of-use and improved performance.


Support for Very Large Search Results
ADOIT 8.5 supports and facilitates the analysis of large data sets, by extending the limits of analysis results even further. The maximum search limit has now been raised from 1,000 to 10,000 results, to provide endless analysis possibilities.

Translation of Object/Model Groups and Relations
ADOIT 8.5 allows you to translate group names and translation-relevant attributes of relations directly in the translation editor. In addition to that, with new filtering mechanisms, next to showing only the elements which need to be translated, you can also show or hide relations according to your preferences.


Replace Object: Consistency of Favourites
Whenever you replace an object that is marked as a favourite, the link to the object remains valid.

Export Model Images to SVG
Models can now be generated in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. This update allows for a crisp and clear image representation when printing models to PDF, creating PDF reports and generating images – regardless of the zoom level used.

Show Page Breaks in Graphical Editor
In the graphical editor, you can now see models split with dash-lined page breaks and divided into separate pages, ready for printing.


Hide Model Types when Creating New Objects in Explorer
ADOIT 8.5 adds the possibility of hiding model types when creating new objects in the Explorer. If you decide to do so, the object types will then be displayed as a flat list in an alphabetical order.


Language Selection Saved as Preference
ADOIT keeps in mind your preferred language and will save this selection for your subsequent logins.

Accent-Insensitive Search
The fine-tuned search function recognizes the words regardless of how they've been typed in and provides all appropriate results, both with and without accents.

Improved Opening of Documents in the Database
Accessing documents is now way easier and quicker than before. When multiple document objects are selected in the Object Catalogue or graphical editor, a sub-menu with all referenced files is now displayed.

Dashboards: Rich Text in Description Fields
When opening the description of an element from a dashboard, you can now see your rich text correctly visualized and formatted.

Improvements in Standard PDF-Reports Layout
The style of PDF reports has been tuned up. They now come with a cover sheet, a stronger table layout, and a neat header and footer.

Scrolling while holding Space bar
Easily scroll your model's content by holding the space bar, clicking and dragging the mouse.

Document Links & Direct Opening of Documents in the Database
With one click easily show and open (multiple) relevant files from various locations.

SAML & LDAP Authentication Extensions
A new optional parameter has been introduced which allows you to modify the way the client communicates with the Identity Provider (IdP) when SAML-based authentication is used. Furthermore, it is now also possible to access an LDAP directory service via a secure connection (LDAPS).

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