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  • Is your organisation ready for the future?
  • Are your planned investments aligned with your corporate strategy?
  • Do you know the dependencies between business and IT?
  • Do your IT services meet your client’s increasing demands?
  • Do you want to actively control your application’s life cycles?
  • Do you know the impact of a technological change?

ADOIT provides the perfect solution

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What is ADOIT?

Enterprise Architecture Management requires teamwork. ADOIT is the ideal information base for all stakeholders from the management to single IT operation managers. With its numerous and role-specific views and reports, quick and informed decisions are possible and the impact of planned changes will be immediately visible.

Fast results count. Based on the field-tested default configuration, you can start your architecture initiative without beating around the bush. We do not believe in “one size fits all”. ADOIT can be adapted to your specific needs. It can change just in the same way as your enterprise and your future challenges.

Convince your stakeholders! Demonstrate the benefits of your EA approach right from the start.

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Good Reasons


All typical EA scenarios out of the box


Tangible results through collaboration and role-based access

 Tailored views

Comprehensive set of views and reports on your architecture

 100% web

No barriers to entry, due to a fully web-based user interface


Powerful configuration capabilities and seamless integration with 3rd party systems


Start small, think big


Leverage synergies of the BOC Group platform – Everything under one roof!

ADOIT is a worldwide leader in EA Management Suites

"As firms start their digital transformation journeys — with the need
for the architecture to support customer centricity, become insights-driven, deliver faster value to market, and enable connected stakeholders — an increasing demand for EA services has arisen. Without appropriate tooling that supports broader capabilities than just modeling and without enabling effective interactions with the wider EA community, EA professionals will struggle to meet the demand."

The Forrester WaveTM,  Enterprise Architecture Management Suites,  Q2 2017
Forrester Research, Inc., June 14, 2017


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Detect Essential Connections

A picture is worth a thousand words. But you need more than that to make accurate implementation decisions. Use the ADOit dependency analysis.

Choose the Right Perspective

Different interest groups have different information needs. The Master Planning View is used to communicate changes in the IT.

Make Informed Decisions

Solution and project proposals are assessed on the basis of technologies, costs and risks.

Keep the Overview

Numerous views such as cluster maps allow keeping an overview.

Experience a Journey Through Time

Have a clear picture of current and future architectures with the ADOit time filter.

Accelerate the Reaction Time of Your Team

Automated notifications and warnings allow quick and informed decisions.

Determine Your Position

Assess your business capabilities according to criteria like business fitness, data fitness, technology fitness and cost fitness.

Define Your Roadmaps

Each architecture element is provided with data such as go-live date, date for the decommissioning, etc. Timely dependencies – for example between applications and underlying technologies – instantly meet the eye.

Identify Need for Action

Analyse your Enterprise Architecture. Extensive analyses are provided by the product. Furthermore, you are allowed to flexibly define specific analyses.

Check out what's new in our latest version ADOIT 8.3 details  


 Business Capability Management

  Service Portfolio Management

 Application Portfolio Management

 Master Data Management

 Technology Portfolio Management

 Compliance Management

 IT Risk Management

 Cloud Business Transformation

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  • Full unlimited access to ADOIT
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Cloud You host: You run the product on your own servers. BOC Group is happy to support your installation and deployment, if requested. We are happy to let you benefit from more than 20 years of experience.

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"The BOC Group is strong in EA management and security architecture."

The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Architecture Management Suites, Q3 2015

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