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  • 13.12.2016

    Webinar: Introduction and Highlights of ADONIS NP Starter Edition

    Tue, Dec 13, 2016 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CETMore

  • 06.12.2016

    Webinar: Introduction to EA with ADOIT 7.0

    Tue, Dec 6, 2016 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CETMore

  • 14.11.2016

    BOC and ADOIT at the 44th St. Galler User Forum

    BOC Group is honoured to be a partner of the 44th St. Galler User Forum this 14th of November 2016 taking place in St. Gallen, Switzerland. At the...More

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What's new in ADONIS NP 4.x




Ease of Use

Providing clear and meaningful process information is key to delivering value through process management, but maintaining such process information is time consuming. Therefore, ADONIS NP focuses on providing you with all the right tools to make that job faster and easier.

Define Your Own Filters

Allow users to focus on what matters

Not everyone is a process expert. ADONIS NP comes with predefined property filters ready to display only the information most relevant to your users. Later on, configure your own filters to help your designers work more focused, and allow your readers to benefit from an easy-to-read process model.

Added Value

  • Work more efficiently
  • Focus on what is most important to you
  • Grasp the main point of your processes

Tablet Support

BPM on-the-go

With iPad support your models are always with you, whether you are a process owner, a reviewer or a reader. Trigger different analyses and reports directly from your management dashboards or review and approve process models from the iPad to stay on top of your release workflow.

Added Value

  • iPad compatible reporting and analysis dashboards
  • Collaborate and share content on-the-go
  • The golden source of BPM at your fingertips

Embed Images

A picture is worth a thousand words

Enrich your models to promote collaboration among your stakeholders as well as to make your processes more recognizable to your audience. Let images be part of your process-flow or use pictures from meeting notes to aid in updating processes.

Added Value

  • Use ADONIS for more than just modelling
  • Make your models more relateable to your audience
  • Give to your models a personal touch


Organize your processes like a pro

Improve the filing structure of your BPM core data like processes, roles, risks, documents etc. by using multiple explorer windows to sort them. Using the Organizer, drag and drop modelling elements from one window to another and arrange your modelling content in no time. Effortlessly, find everything you need without having to search up and down the folders.

Added Value

  • Quickly organize your content
  • Keep your folder structure clean
  • Maintain all your BPM core data well stored

Object Alignment

Let ADONIS take care of the details

Save the hassle of arranging and re-arranging objects manually over and over again as you are creating or extending models. Leverage the various alignment options to keep them nice and tidy with just one click. Spend less time modelling and more time analysing and communicating.

Added Value

  • Save time modelling
  • Make your models easy on the eye


Start active process conversation! Maximizing the benefits of your process activities depends on how well you communicate around processes. ADONIS NP helps you spread process knowledge throughout the enterprise.

Role Selector

Empower the end users to select and explore different role perspectives

Role-based dashboards summarize the most important process information for every user. To create transparency about a user's contribution to the overall end-to-end process, let users select the roles of previous or subsequent processes themselves. Don't worry though, access rights still apply, so they only see what they are allowed to.

Added Value

  • Select your own roles
  • Examine your processes from different perspectives

Export Analysis Views

Impress the audience at your next presentation

Whether you want to export that nice matrix to Excel to play with the data, or simply step-up your next presentation with powerful analysis results (as PDF or PNG), the new export feature will let you take even more control of your business reports.

Added Value

  • Take more control of your BPM data
  • Run further analysis on the data export
  • Easily share the results of your analysis with other stakeholders


As process management initiatives grow in scale, governance becomes an important topic: with ADONIS NP, support your process managers to scale up and monitor their process initiatives. Control good quality delivery following your internal guidelines.

Stakeholder-driven access rights

Enable each stakeholder to contribute with their piece of the process puzzle

Many experts contribute to process management initiatives with a specific piece of information. By configuring visibility and access rights on objects and properties, you can also let external stakeholders participate. Show them only the information they need to have access to and even narrow it down to the field level.

Added Value

  • Grant access down to the field level when needed
  • Share only what is relevant with external stakeholders
  • Stay in control of your processes
  • Allow others to contribute to process improvement

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