Dublin, Ireland, Monday 30 January 2017

Curtain call for the next release of BOC's professional BPM Suite. ADONIS NP 4.5 comes with innovative additions that again advance our New Platform to a higher level. Experience even better usability, benefit from new collaboration features and learn what helps you to make your job faster and easier. Enjoy discovering the new features of ADONIS NP 4.5!




Ease of Use

Providing clear and meaningful process information is key to delivering value through process management, but maintaining such process information is time consuming. Therefore, ADONIS NP focuses on providing you with all the right tools to make that job faster and easier.

Empty space tool

Give your models a clean look

You have completed your model, but something is missing: you forgot to include an object or did not reduce obsolete white space from your modelling canvas? The “empty space tool” allows you to easily make room for additional objects or to get rid of any empty spaces. Moving and rearranging objects has never been that easy!

Added Value

  • Keep models clean and attractive
  • Quickly include additional objects
  • Save time and hassle


Easily spell-check your titles and texts

Forget about making spelling mistakes or overlooking typos that have slipped into your texts. Whether you're creating a new Business Process Diagram or adding information to any object, focus on what really matters and leave the little things to us.

Added Value

  • Automatic spell check
  • You choose the desired language, and change it at any moment 
  • Grow your dictionary: add new vocabulary to the glossary at anytime

Automatic text alignment

Alignment made easy

Never struggle with the alignment of connector texts and titles anymore. When switching to “Automatic” alignment, ADONIS NP takes over and perfectly positions the text for you. From now on, texts and titles will never again overlap with your connectors giving your models a neat and tidy new look.

Added Value

  • Better readability of texts and titles
  • Improve the appearance of your models
  • Simplify your job

Rectangular connectors

Smart connectors

Tired of wasting time re-aligning the connectors in your models? From now on, ADONIS NP aids you in creating rectangular connectors automatically. No need to drag bend points manually anymore. A must have if you dislike diagonal elements within your models.

Added Value

  • Smart and structured representation of connectors
  • No mess within your models
  • Save time to focus on other important things


Start active process conversation! Maximizing the benefits of your process activities depends on how well you communicate around processes. ADONIS NP helps you spread process knowledge throughout the enterprise.

HTML export

Access your BPM repository offline

Need a snap-shot of your processes and all related Information? With the new HTML export function, this snap-shot is available for you at anytime. Even when offline you can view and navigate through your models and experience the same look and feel as in ADONIS. Easily pass on this snap-shot to external stakeholders such as Auditors – they will love it!

Added Value

  • Access your model repository even while offline
  • Keep an archive of your repository
  • Have everything prepared for auditors and other external stakeholders


As process management initiatives grow in scale, governance becomes an important topic: with ADONIS NP, support your process managers to scale up and monitor their process initiatives. Control good quality delivery following your internal guidelines.

RWF extensions

Multiple Release Workflows

Different model types may require different release workflow configurations! We’ve taken this to heart and now allow you to create separate release configurations in parallel. Customise specific workflow sequences, establish different prolongation periods, set multiple validity dates and define distinct rules for your reminders.

Added Value

  • Customise different release workflows for different business units or other individual conditions
  • Establish different prolongation dates
  • Tailor the release workflow to your organization

What is ADONIS?

ADONIS is the intuitive and suitable tool
for all roles in business process management.




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