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ADONIS NP 5.0  is out now! The top of the line BPM suite offers great new features, making it more powerful than ever. Discover how ADONIS empowers you to use its most valuable features quickly and effectively, get to know all the possibilities that are out there to tailor the tool for your business needs and learn how to govern your BPM initiatives with the support of smart features. Another special highlight for you: Comprehensive tutorial videos that will help you become an expert in ADONIS at your own pace (Exclusively available within ADONIS NP Starter Edition, 30-Day Free Trial and ADONIS NP 1-Click Try-Out).




Ease of Use

Providing clear and meaningful process information is key to delivering value through process management, but maintaining such process information is time consuming. Therefore, ADONIS NP focuses on providing you with all the right tools to make that job faster and easier.

Object Tooltips

Consume information even faster

Get access to the information you seek with minimal effort when reading process data. The new object tooltip display information about an object when you hover the cursor directly over it. Now, entering the notebook to consume information is no longer necessary. This way, readers can discover object information such as descriptions, referenced documents, etc. immediately.

Added Value

  • Make key information easy to find
  • Consume information in no time
  • Configure the information you would like to see

Comprehensive Tutorial Videos

Learn to handle ADONIS like a pro

Experience our revolutionary and re-designed Knowledge Centre in ADONIS NP. Whether you are a beginner or an expert – our comprehensive and instructive tutorial videos are made for everyone and provide you with valuable support during your journey with ADONIS NP. Discover the enjoyable way of learning!

Added Value

  • Learn at your own pace, regardless of time constraints
  • Repeat your training as often as you wish
  • Gain valuable knowledge in a matter of minutes


Start active process conversation! Maximizing the benefits of your process activities depends on how well you communicate around processes. ADONIS NP helps you spread process knowledge throughout the enterprise.

Multiple Organisation Portals

Tailored access for every one

We want to give you more control over what you show to your readers. We have extended our ADONIS Organization Portal and now allow you to define and provide multiple portals for your different business units. Just define the content that will be displayed within each Organization Portal and define the rights accordingly. This way, you will have more than just one live portal to your organization but made-to-order content.

Added Value

  • Streamline communication
  • Slice your repository into pieces to provide selected information to your company roles
  • Control the flow of information and provide tailored entry points to your end-users

Voting Mechanism

Give stakeholders a voice

Increase collaboration in your quality assurance process. Submit your processes to a vote and get improved stakeholder commitment through their direct involvement. This not only allows experts to make an important contribution, but also lets you rest assured that the right people have participated in the review of your processes before release.

Added Value

  • Involve different experts and rely on their combined knowledge
  • Gather the feedback from each reviewer
  • Accelerate complex sequential QA by reviewing in parallel 

Release State Filter

Access different process versions with the State Filter

When browsing through process documentation, your readers are mostly interested in the current released processes, whereas designers and managers need the flexibility to check and perform analysis on processes that are still in development or archived ones to get an accurate comparison. The new State Filter provides you intuitive means to display only the parts of your process documentation you are engaged with.

Added Value

  • See all released process documentation at a glance
  • Freely configure the filter to display process documentation in the different states
  • Browse through process versions in draft state or through the archive


As process management initiatives grow in scale, governance becomes an important topic: with ADONIS NP, support your process managers to scale up and monitor their process initiatives. Control good quality delivery following your internal guidelines.

Configurable Model Comparison

Focus your model comparison on the essentials

When comparing different versions of a model, you are free to choose which attributes to consider in the comparison. Freely configure the comparison mechanism to include only the information relevant for your business use cases. That way you are quicker in analysing differences between different model states or variants, without being distracted by changes in attributes that are not of your concern.

Added Value

  • Decide which attributes to consider in model comparison
  • Speed up your analysis of differences in models
  • Don't get distracted by information you are not concerned about for your analysis.

What's new in ADONIS NP

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