What's new in ADONIS NP 5.5

Monday 23 April 2018

The time has finally come: ADONIS NP 5.5 is out now! This state of art edition of the tool introduces new features, improves performance and offers an even greater ease-of-use. Discover the revolutionary SmartHover, the flagship feature of ADONIS NP 5.5, but also do not miss out on all the other remarkable new features right at your fingertips and the optimized user interface. Dive deeper and check out how ADONIS can support your use cases and cater the needs of your business.


We are excited to introduce you to SmartHover, which marks the beginning of a new era of modelling. The hover modelling assistant is your ideal companion in modelling processes. You will not hesitate at any stage of modelling, it will come to you just like intuition. Ready to come and take a closer look?




Get the job done faster than ever before and save time for the really important things. SmartHover helps you create models in just a matter of seconds. 


With SmartHover, modelling is made a piece of cake. It allows you to add new tasks, create relations or add additional information effortlessly. What's more, SmartHover is smart enough to recognize and display only the options that make sense in your given context.


Not only does SmartHover make processing fast and easy, it also provides you with quick access to other important features to enhance your model with additional information.


Of course, SmartHover is not the only clever trick we have up our sleeves for the release of ADONIS NP 5.5. There are additional feature highlights that come along and play their part in contributing to what ADONIS is today.

Document Control

Manage and control documents with ease

Companies typically deal with hundreds of documents – like guidelines, templates or reports – directly or indirectly related to business processes and delivering products and services to customers. The documents tend to grow over time and often are subject to changes. The Document Control helps your organization keep track of changes and versions in the course of a multilevel review for quality assurance prior to the release. It then only displays released information to those consuming content and automatically archives old document versions. The release states of all documents, however, are visible to the Designer at all times.

Subject to additional licensing

Added Value

  • Proper review of documents prior to release
  • Controlled release of documents as required by many Quality Management norms

  • Audit-ready document archive (history)
  • Keep information up-to-date, traceable and transparent

Knowledge Centre

Acquire knowledge, expand knowledge

Meet the Knowledge Centre, your central point of access to a world full of knowledge. If you want to get up to speed with ADONIS, then the Knowledge Centre is “the place to be”. Our comprehensive video tutorials are there to help you learn, just in a matter of minutes and are available to you at any time and as often as you like. The Knowledge Centre not only provides you with valuable knowledge, but also with the latest news and information on upcoming free webinars and events, so you can always keep up.

PS: Now, with our ADONIS NP 5.5 release, we have integrated the Knowledge Centre in all editions of the tools to make it available for everyone.

Added Value

  • Access your important functions quick and easily
  • Find your way around the Reporting Board a lot better

User Interface Improvements

Optimizing user experience

ADONIS NP has been fine-tuned to provide you with quick and easy access to important functions and further enhance usability. The new functional buttons are your direct entrance tickets to your object and model catalogues as well as collaboration and validation functions. On top of that, we have revamped the Reporting Board and the style of the collaboration stream to complement the minimalistic design.

Added Value

  • Access your important functions quick and easily
  • Find your way around the Reporting Board a lot better

Search & Analysis Extensions

Quickly find what you came for

ADONIS NP now allows for an even more targeted search. Simply narrow down the scope of your query to specific folders of your model or object repository. To also quickly understand the context of your search results, you can show the model and group where your element is contained. On top, for big data analysis the limits of analysis results have been further extended. Scroll through, export and analyse information smoother and faster than before. When exporting it as an Excel file, you even get the full data set of available table attributes displayed.

Added Value

  • Benefit from improved retrievability and analysis of your BPM models and objects
  • Get more precise search results


In search of perfection

This latest feature makes the translation component even more complete and provides multi-language support par excellence! In ADONIS NP 5.5, you can fully translate model and object groups directly in the well-established translation editor. Even names and translation-relevant attributes of relations can be translated to your target language! In order not to overwhelm you, new filtering mechanisms have been introduced. Now, next to showing only the elements which need to be translated, you can also show or hide relations according to your preferences.

Added Value

  • Speed up translation across the entire documentation
  • Be able to see the forest for the trees

Reporting: PDF/A Support

Assure readability of your reports in the long-run

When striving for a safe preservation of your electronic data, it is essential to create documents you can access at any point in the future; irrespective of how technology will transform. With ADONIS you can optimize your long-term archiving process by creating everlasting PDF/A reports directly in the tool. Your data archive will no longer be affected by any limitations in readability.

Added Value

  • Create everlasting reports

  • Make your archive safe for the future


Check out our selection of other nice features contributing to ease-of-use and improved performance.


Accent-Insensitive Search
The fine-tuned search function recognizes the words regardless of how they've been typed in and provides all appropriate results, both with and without accents.

Font Adaptations
Styling and formatting of model or objects properties is made simpler, with our new categorization of font types in three main groups.


Language Selection Saved as Preference
ADONIS keeps in mind your preferred language and will save this selection for your subsequent logins.

Processes Dashboard: Improved Visualisation
The improved Processes Dashboard allows you to immediately identify the relevant roles involved in your processes.

Replace Object: Transfer Status as Favourite 
ADONIS remembers what you like – whenever you replace an object that is marked as a favourite, its status is now automatically being transferred.


State Filter: Extended functionality 
The State Filter now accommodates multiple release workflows (for Models, Documents, GRC, …) and allows for a quick and easy filtering based on state types.


Read & Explore: Improved Role Assignment Dialog
The dialog for selecting business roles for the personalized dashboards in the Read & Explore scenario has been reworked to allow for a better overview and an easier removal of assigned roles.

Improvements in Standard PDF-Reports Layout
The style of PDF reports has been tuned up. They now come with a cover sheet, a stronger table layout, and a neat header and footer.

Improved Handling when Drawing Connectors to Container Objects
When drawing a connector from an object to a container (like e.g. from a Task to a Pool) ADONIS will guide you by highlighting the edge of the object container to easily create the appropriate relation.

Scrolling while holding Space bar
Easily scroll your model's content by holding the space bar, clicking and dragging the mouse.

RACI Dashboard: Improved Visualistion
The RACI dashboard now represents tasks grouped by model instead of role. Roles have been added as a new filter option and tooltips to the R, A, C and I buttons.

Document links & direct opening of documents in the database
With one click easily show and open relevant (multiple) files from various locations.

SAML & LDAP Authentication Extensions
A new optional parameter has been introduced which allows you to modify the way the client communicates with the Identity Provider (IdP) when SAML-based authentication is used. Further it is now also possible to access an LDAP directory service via a secure connection (LDAPS).

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