Audit Ready – Create globally, Control centrally

Companies are increasingly being driven to provide proof of compliance with various legal requirements or quality standards by external as well as internal influencing factors. In addition, more and more companies are adapting their culture to conform to standards or guidelines in order to deal with company-critical issues in a timely and future-oriented manner and thus to prepare themselves ideally for the future. Compliance with such standards or norms often leads to increases in efficiency and quality as well as competitive advantages over competitors and positive PR. The products of the BOC Management Office contain all the necessary properties to prepare and carry out audits. Let us convince you!

Key facts:

Transparent, historization, versioned
Smart checks to guarantee consistency
Powerful analysis & reporting

Audit-Readiness: A must-have for:

  • Business Process Management
  • IT Management
  • Internal Control Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Internal Revision

... to meet standards such as:

  • ISO9001 for Quality Management
  • ISO14001 for Environmental Management
  • ISO20000 for IT Service Management
  • ISO22301 for Business Continuity Management
  • ISO27001 for Information Security Management
  • and many more

Get audit-ready – With ADONIS and ADOIT you can control your audit-related tasks

We have identified approaches and success factors that can help you master the challenge of getting "audit-ready".


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Audit-readiness: The most essential features

Traceability through permissions control

By controlling access rights to the individual roles in your organization, you ensure that authorized persons can only make the changes that are assigned to them. The  automatic change history provides detailed information about the completed changes.

Object and model release workflow

To ensure relieable quality assurance through a stable, defined and, above all, transparent workflow, ensure that the 4 or 6-eye principle is maintained and clearly documented before new models or objects are released.

Validation for consistency

The release of content is often subject to specific requirements and checks. By automating these checking rules to ensure quality, you can accelerate the release of content and at the same time ensure 100% coverage of your quality requirements.

Object and model versioning

The advancement of your documentation leads to different versions or variants of the content. Automated version management helps you keep track of your current status. Graphical as well as tabular comparison of different model versions or variants makes change transparent and also supports communication in the company.

Resubmission and prolongation

Your company is subject to continuous change. This means that the content within your management systems also needs to be continually reviewed and adapted. In order to keep track of upcoming tasks, the automatic resubmission tool helps you to check information on topicality or to re-evaluate versions and allows you to easily prolong validity in just a few steps.

Analysis & reporting

Analyse your portfolio or the correlations of your assets based on different views of your documentation. Analysis results and reports can easily be exported and used again in presentations or meetings. The available dashboards provide you an informative overview of the current state of information in your management system.

Business Process Management

Discover the best BPM tool of its kind for design, analysis
and optimization of business processes.

Enterprise Architecture

Use our intuitive EA tool to understand correlations
between business and IT.



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