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Offering / Licences

Which products and services is BOC Group offering online?

BOC Group is providing its products ADONIS NP and ADOIT in its online offering. In addition BOC Group is also offering the operation of its products as pure operating services as well as some trainings and seminars via the web (webinars).

Can I test the products or services for free?

Which licence editions is BOC Group offering for ADONIS NP?

Which licence types is BOC Group offering for ADONIS NP?

What is the meaning and difference of "We host" and "You host"?

How can I move from "We host" to "You host" and vice versa?

Payment / Subscription

When does the subscription period start and how long does it last?

Your subscription starts at the day of your ordering and lasts for exactly one month (that is: until one day before the same day of the next month, e.g. 15 July to 14 August, 15 August to 14 September). Your subscription will renew automatically for another month if not cancelled on time. In order to cancel your subscription by the end of the current subscription period, cancellation has to be issued one (1) week before the end of the current period.

How long is the cancellation period for cancelling a subscription?

How is the payment method and invoicing for subscriptions bought online?

Which credit cards are accepted when purchasing services online?

Which currencies are available for payment of ADONIS NP SaaS?

How much does a monthly subscription to ADONIS NP cost me?

Are there any hidden costs, one-time fees or other charges?

What are the Terms & Conditions for Cloud Services and where can I find them?

Data Handling

Where does BOC store my BPM data?

To keep your data safe is our utmost concern. Therefore, BOC Group has partnered with industry specialists to operate the infrastructure services and to keep your data safe and secure. Our partners' ISO 27000-certified data centre in Switzerland and the backup location in Germany assure that – when relying on our Cloud Services – all your data is being stored in Europe, where most stringent data security regulations apply.

What will happen to my data after cancelling my account?

What is the backup and retention strategy for my BPM data?

Does BOC Group pass on any of my data to third parties?

Support Services

What kind of support or maintenance services are provided?

BOC Group offers the right level of support for every customer's needs. With BOC Cloud Services you will always be using the latest version of ADONIS without having to worry about migration or rollout. In addition our customer care centre is available to you for service requests or technical questions.

For our ADONIS NP Enterprise customers we offer additional support packages with phone support and scalable configuration and consultancy quotas.

Who can I contact in case of questions or problems?

Can I import my models from the ADONIS:Community Edition?

I forgot my password. How can I log in again?

Is there any kind of documentation or manual that help to get familiar with ADONIS NP?

Do you offer trainings to learn about best practices for using ADONIS NP?

What are the technical requirements to use ADONIS NP online offerings?



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