Infoday Milano

Do you already know ADONIS or do you want to know more about it?

The BOC Group is pleased to invite you to the first Italian event on "Business Process Management" organized by BOC, which will be held on... More

EA in Practice – Making Archimate fit for business!

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Archimate is one of the most widespread modelling languages for mapping enterprise architectures. In our webinar, you will learn how to adapt the... More

Share the Knowledge – Publish and share EA and BPM Models in Confluence

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Information and collaboration platforms such as Atlassian Confluence are an integral part of many companies. These portals are often ... More

What's New in ADOIT 8.0

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With the ADOIT IT and Enterprise Architecture Suite, the BOC Group provides an intuitive and comprehensive EA suite. The fully web-based,... More

Cross-domain Transparency – End-to-end Process Management

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Where is the greatest potential for improvement in your process management? Many organizations that have been dealing with business process... More