Applying ICS and Risk Management successfully in your Enterprise

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What kind of risks are in the processes of your organization and what impact might they have? How can an ICS (internal control system) be used sensibly against the risks? Are the current measures against risks implemented efficiently and in a timely manner? How is the integration of risks, controls, control objectives, measures and business processes? How can a tool support both the introduction and implementation as well as the continuous improvement (CIP) of the internal control system?


In the course of the webinar, we will address the following topics and present our solutions in ADONIS NP:

  • Effective use of ICS as a tool against risks
  • Efficient set up of structures and use of synergy effects
  • Integration of risks and controls in processes or individual activities
  • Ensure effectiveness of operational controls through monitoring controls
  • Regular risk assessment and release of the assessment
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of the risk portfolio
  • Ongoing optimization of the ICS through action management in the sense of CIP


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