Is your application catalogue under control? Here's how to manage applications pragmatically!

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Organizations need to react to a variety of internal and external factors. The resulting necessary changes must be coordinated and require adjustments at all architectural levels. Here, the ongoing development of the application portfolio is a key success factor.


The creation of an application catalogue represents the first step in the direction of application portfolio management. With comparatively reasonable effort, the application portfolio directly adds value to the organization and allows the development of documentation towards a business and technology architecture.


In this interactive online workshop, we would like to discuss with you the following questions that constantly arise in daily practice:

  • Do we all have the same understanding, when talking about an application?
  • Which applications are available in the company and who is responsible for them?
  • Which information flows are currently available?
  • Where can functional redundancies be found in the application landscape?
  • What technology fitness do our applications exhibit?
  • How do we approach application portfolio management and which stakeholders are involved?


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  • Duration: 35 to 45 minutes


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