Process Maps – From a Paper Tiger to a Management Tool for Process Optimization & Digitalization

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A process map represents a cornerstone of the enterprise process architecture and provides a structured view of an organization's processes. The process architecture must reflect the corporate strategy, in terms of its structure and scope. This makes it an essential instrument of (process) management, with which process owners can be selected and chosen, processes planned and controlled, and process interfaces viewed critically.


A process map not only serves as an information element that gives employees a transparent insight into the process architecture, but it also enables recognition of cross-process optimization potentials. In addition to that, a process map also acts as a steering instrument and an important link to the corporate strategy.


Our Business Insight will demonstrate a tried-and-tested procedure for creating or adapting company-wide process maps, based on the process management lifecycle (PMLC) concept. Last but not least, we will also delve deeper into the fundamental approaches, previously introduced within our "Getting started with BPM" Business Insight and more.


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  • Duration: 35 to 45 minutes


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