BOC Group and TIM Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Accelerated Digitalization of Business Processes

Today we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with TIM Solutions: one of the top leading providers of business process management (BPM) software for low-code human workflow automation. As we continue to expand our global footprint and service portfolio, BOC Group is always working to bring together best-in-class partners that we believe our customers will benefit from greatly. Through our strategic partnership with TIM, we will focus our efforts on delivering accelerated digitalization of Business Process Automation at the enterprise level.


In both companies' experience, rapid automation of an existing manual process represents a key first step in successful delivery of process automation. Once the automation is up-and-running, process analysis and design ensure that the process is quickly optimized further to reach cost reduction efficiencies of up-to 80%.


What’s more, this approach delivers on all key targets of automation – reduction of redundant process activities, digitalization of manual tasks, and the overall improvement of customer experience. By combining TIM’s process automation with ADONIS’ process design and analysis capabilities, organizations can expect both a shorter time-to-value when automating processes, and a higher value-add delivered by the optimally designed automation.


Our great collaboration with TIM in the past months has culminated in a meeting of both management teams at our headquarters in Vienna, Austria, where the release of our unique combined offering – the ADONIS Process Automation module – on the BOC Marketplace was announced. Both BOC Group's and TIM's customers now have the opportunity to benefit from this native integration combining the intuitive process design, analysis and simulation of ADONIS with the seamless deployment, automation and monitoring of business processes in TIM’s process automation platform.


So, be sure to check out the BOC Marketplace to learn more about ADONIS Process Automation and find out how it can help your company save resources and achieve superior workflow execution in no time!