BOC Group Announces the Release of ADONIS NP 7.1 – Igniting A New Era of User Inclusion, Insights & BPM Experience

Packed with features that help users navigate, create and experience the world of BPM on a whole other level, the new ADONIS NP 7.1 brings meaningful innovation for all users. With the game-changing Process Insights Dashboard and a unique set of accessibility features, this release of the ADONIS NP is set to be the most intuitive, user-centric and powerful one yet!

BOC Group just released the latest version of its revolutionary BPM suite, ADONIS NP 7.1. Focusing specially on enriching and elevating the ADONIS NP experience for every user, we've kept transparency, simplicity and openness at the very core of this version’s design. And this release’s flagship feature, the dynamic Process Insights Dashboard, is a direct embodiment of that, with its powerful visualization and representation of all key process management information in ADONIS NP.


This time, we really went all out, in order to better understand what it is that our users would expect from and want to see in this kind of a dashboard, but more importantly, what would bring the most value. The Insights Dashboard was carefully designed in a way that addresses the rich set of information typically contained within and linked to one single process, and transforms it into this synthesized, easily digestible and visually appealing overview of all important process management information, in one convenient location.


The Insights Dashboard really offers that one-click-access to everything you need to know about your processes – ranging from process hierarchy, responsible roles, and all the way to inputs, outputs, IT, risks, KPIs, as well as quick-links to reports and analyses. In a nutshell, it offers an entirely new and simplified way of interacting with the process content. It supports the effortless way of using and consuming information, thus requiring minimal on-boarding and zero previous experience with the tool, ultimately making ADONIS NP even more user-friendly and intuitive than before!


In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, the latest version of ADONIS NP brings an abundance of other remarkable updates, like the incredible set of accessibility features and improvements, making ADONIS NP the only BPM tool certified for accessibility, and empowering every individual and organization to achieve more by working better, faster and easier than before!


So, don't wait any longer and head on over to the “What’s New in ADONIS NP” section of our website, to see all the cutting-edge innovations of this best-of-breed BPM suite in greater detail!


About Business Transformation Suite ADONIS NP:

The intuitive and fully web-based professional BPM suite ADONIS NP ideally supports you with designing, analysing and optimizing your business processes. But ADONIS NP can do even more: It enables you to create the required transparency to transform your business and IT which is sure to secure you a pole position in the era of digitalization. Furthermore, it allows your organization and processes to develop to their fullest potential thanks to powerful documentation, evaluation and analysis capabilities and truly supporting Enterprise Business Process Analysis.


ADONIS NP involves all BPM stakeholders – from designers to contributors, analysts or employees – and provides them with a collaboration platform in order to improve the performance of the organisation, manage risk better, effectively implement compliance measures, and prepare the organisation for audits. Complemented by a strong and comprehensive integration with our EA platform ADOIT, as well as our Governance, Risk and Compliance platform GRC, you can rest assured that ADONIS NP will drive your organisation into the business of tomorrow.