BOC Group Announces the Release of ADONIS NP 8.0 – Revolutionizing the BPM Experience

With a novel design and outstanding usability improvements, the latest version of ADONIS NP combines new features into a harmonious blend, that drastically improves the ease-of-use and efficiently fulfills users' needs, ultimately offering an unparalleled BPM experience!

The latest version of our Business Transformation suite, ADONIS NP 8.0 is out now! With laser focus on usability, as well as strengthening and enhancing its value for users, the 8.0 release brings a collection of new features, like the new drag & drop possibilities, revamped scenario start page, quick access to recent models and favourites, and others, that will make your work smarter, faster and easier than ever, while giving UI a facelift at the same time!


ADONIS NP 8.0 was designed revolving around three core principles – clarity, consistency and efficiency – and these fundamentals guided every decision throughout the update process. Our focus with this release was on creating a more simplified and intuitive experience, while still keeping the powerful and robust functionality our users have grown to rely on.


For that reason, we've worked on cleaning up visual design elements and menus, as well as continued to strengthen the support for drag & drop actions throughout the entire application. Thereby, we've transformed the way users interact with ADONIS NP, making it more practical and instinctive to use.


We are proud to provide market-leading sleek, modern user interface and easy navigation, helping to propel the user experience to an entirely different level! That way, we're assuring you get the most out of your time with ADONIS NP and the best BPM experience you can get!


In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, the new ADONIS NP 8.0 introduces an abundance of other valuable features, like the Management Office Integration (MOI) improvements, allowing for even smoother collaboration and exchange between ADONIS and our EA suite ADOIT, thus helping you ensure sustainable business optimization, and many more!


So, don't wait any longer and head on over to the “What’s new in ADONIS NP” section of our website, to see all the remarkable innovations of this revolutionary BPM suite in greater detail!


About Business Transformation Suite ADONIS NP:

The intuitive and fully web-based professional BPM suite ADONIS NP ideally supports you with designing, analysing and optimizing your business processes. But ADONIS NP can do even more: It enables you to create the required transparency to transform your business and IT which is sure to secure you a pole position in the era of digitalization. Furthermore, it allows your organization and processes to develop to their fullest potential thanks to powerful documentation, evaluation and analysis capabilities and truly supporting Enterprise Business Process Analysis.


ADONIS NP involves all BPM stakeholders – from designers to contributors, analysts or employees – and provides them with a collaboration platform in order to improve the performance of the organisation, manage risk better, effectively implement compliance measures, and prepare the organisation for audits. Complemented by a strong and comprehensive integration with our EA platform ADOIT, as well as our Governance, Risk and Compliance platform GRC, you can rest assured that ADONIS NP will drive your organisation into the business of tomorrow.