BOC Group Launches GRC 2.5 – The Cutting-Edge All-In-One Risk Management Suite

Built from a holistic, all-round user-experience perspective, the latest GRC version comes with an enhanced user interface and adds new features and functionalities, to make complying with regulatory requirements the easiest so far!

BOC Group, today announced the latest release of its GRC suite – GRC 2.5! Focusing specifically on the feedback from clients and the voice of customers, BOC Group has made this product update all about the user experience and kept the clients' end results at the core of this version’s redesigning.


The emphasis was placed on creating an incomparable user experience – more transparency, consistency and a greater ease-of-use. And the new features coming with GRC 2.5, especially the flagship feature – Integrated Risk and Control Assessment (IRCA) – providing an integrated overview and allowing easy access and traceability of all risks assigned to processes, and much more, is only one of the examples of just that. The goal was to not to integrate everything at once, but to provide smooth and easy navigation and access to the right features, in the right place – where they are needed and expected – short, quick and simple.


On top of that, the latest release also comes with a multitude of other cool and useful features, new to the GRC module, like the well-known GANTT view, allowing continuous status tracking of risk assessments and control testings, or the different organizational views placing a special emphasis on addressing specific stakeholders and their needs, and many more!


To explore all the highlights and latest features of GRC, visit the BOC Group website.


We recommend all interested parties to reach out and schedule a free, personal demonstration of the tool with one of the BOC Group consultants.