Our GRC Suite Just Got a Whole Lot Better! Introducing GRC 3.0 – Your Next Generation One-Stop Suite for Governance, Risk & Compliance

Designed with the end user in mind, this all-in-one GRC version encompasses numerous new features and enhancements to make holding your risks in check and keeping an eye on controls and initiatives a real piece of cake!

BOC Group has just announced the release of the latest version of its GRC suite and introduced a whole bunch of exciting new capabilities and advancements to deliver incredible performance and create an incomparable experience altogether. With GRC 3.0, aligning your initiatives to business goals and staying on top of your risks and controls has never been easier, especially with the help of the new cutting-edge initiative workflow.


As always, one of our primary goals for all GRC upgrades is to do our utmost to deliver nothing but the best for our customers. This time, it is our brand new initiative workflow which definitely steals the limelight. Its powerful and agile design allows you to plan, set up and execute initiatives to head off risks and respond adequately before they even occur – all from one place and in a couple of clicks. The initiative workflow essentially provides users with enough flexibility to do everything from the very conception, to monitoring, implementation and controlling of initiatives’ effectiveness. Simply put, it really is your initiatives’ one-stop shop, offering everything you and your initiatives need from A to Z – quick, simple and easy, just like that!


In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, the latest release also comes with a variety of other great and useful features, like the new risk aggregation or risk portfolio, offering a spectrum of different views and analyses allowing you to easily gather, identify, assess and most importantly – respond to your most crucial risks ahead of time, and many more!


So be sure to check out “What’s New in GRC” on our website, not to miss any of the revolutionary innovations coming with this latest release!