Out Now: ADONIS NP 5.0 – The Best BPM Suite Yet!

BOC Group is happy to announce the release of ADONIS NP 5.0! Be prepared for exciting innovations, experience an even more user-friendly interface and true added value.

Catch a sneak peek and see what kind of upgrades ADONIS NP 5.0 has to offer:

  • Release Workflow filters allow you to narrow down to the pieces of information you are interested in
  • Voting mechanism for a collaborative quality assurance process
  • Possibility to configure multiple, tailored portals for your organization's different processes
  • Brand-new tutorial videos that support you in your day-to-day work with ADONIS NP
  • Tooltips for readers to make their information browsing even quicker and more intuitive
  • and even more!


Get here more details on selected tidbits of ADONIS NP 5.0 – we are certain they will suit your taste!


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The intuitive and fully web-based professional BPM suite ADONIS NP ideally supports you with designing, analysing and optimizing your business processes. But ADONIS NP can do even more: It enables you to create the required transparency to transform your business and IT which is sure to secure you a pole position in the era of digitalization. Furthermore, it allows your organization and processes to develop to their fullest potential thanks to powerful documentation, evaluation and analysis capabilities and truly supporting Enterprise Business Process Analysis.


ADONIS NP involves all BPM stakeholders – from designers to contributors, analysts or employees – and provides them with a collaboration platform in order to improve the performance of the organisation, manage risk better, effectively implement compliance measures, and prepare the organisation for audits. Complemented by a strong and comprehensive integration with our EA platform ADOIT, you can rest assured that ADONIS NP will drive your organisation into the business of tomorrow.