The BOC Group BOC Presented ADONIS BPMN Diagram Interchange Capabilities During OMG Technical Meeting

OMG's quarterly technical meeting was held in Berlin, Germany, from June 15 to 19. During this event, the BPMN Model Interchange Working Group members have demonstrated BPMN 2.0 in action with 3 different scenarios. This session took place at 4 PM (GMT+2) on Wednesday the 17th

BPMN 2.0 Diagram Interchange

For the 3rd time, 10 different tools chaining together have designed a Business Process, starting from a blank page. During a demo in which the selected tools worked simultaneously, it has been shown that BPMN diagrams are indeed interchangeable. Click here to learn more about the Diagram Interchange Demo.


Hidden Attributes Interchange

Not only the drawing is depicted by the standard, but BPMN 2.0 also defines a full set of non-visible attributes that are meaningful for business process design. This demo highlights that any piece of hidden information is transferred from one tool to another.
Click here to learn more about the Hidden Attributes Interchange demo.


Execution Attributes Interchange

The business process models are made executable by adding execution attributes (e.g. extensions) since execution engines require more details. The demo has shown 3 different BPM suites, running the same BPMN file, created from several design tools. Click here to learn more about the Execution Attributes Interchange demo.


The vendors involved in the demonstration with their respective tools besides the BOC Group were camunda*, itp-Commerce, Omny link*, SAP, Signavio, Sparx Systems, Trisotech, W4 Software* and Yaoqiang.