The New Year Just Keeps Getting Better: The Latest Release of our BPM Suite ADONIS NP 6.0 is Out Now and Better Than Ever Before!

Providing powerful Business Process Simulation & Optimization, the latest version of ADONIS NP encompasses major new features and cutting-edge capabilities to facilitate, optimize and accelerate your digital transformation! It is a step forward into a new era of innovation and simplicity

BOC Group has just released the next major version upgrade of its Business Transformation suite ADONIS NP and introduced a great mix of brand new features, enhanced extensions and different technology updates. The new ADONIS NP 6.0 brings meaningful innovation for all users, with a special emphasis on making better decisions faster with the help of Business Process Simulation & Optimization.


"Business Process Simulation & Optimization” is without a doubt the flagship feature of the new ADONIS NP 6.0. Its dynamic and predictive technology allows users to analyse, compare, evaluate and develop processes, as well as experiment on them in ways that are simply not possible in reality. By applying robust statistical measures with uncanny precision, ADONIS NP Process Simulation takes in real world data and helps create a detailed, accurate picture of your system. It provides you with valuable information and allows you to get a thorough understanding of your time and cost expenditures, which you can later use to improve and optimize your processes. 



Essentially, your data shouldn’t only tell you where you’ve been, it should tell you where you are going. And the robust Process Simulation in ADONIS NP does exactly that. This flagship feature powerfully complements ADONIS NP's extensive range of functionalities and capabilities, and contributes to what truly makes it a next generation BPM suite. 



In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, ADONIS NP 6.0 also introduces a collection of other distinctive and beneficial features, like the brand new documents dashboard, offering greater transparency and overview of important information at a glance, while making the review and release of documents just a few clicks away. 


Be sure to check out the “What’s New in ADONIS NP” section on our website, to see all the revolutionary innovations of the latest version of our BPM suite in greater detail!



The intuitive and fully web-based professional BPM suite ADONIS NP ideally supports you with designing, analysing and optimizing your business processes. But ADONIS NP can do even more: It enables you to create the required transparency to transform your business and IT which is sure to secure you a pole position in the era of digitalization. Furthermore, it allows your organization and processes to develop to their fullest potential thanks to powerful documentation, evaluation and analysis capabilities and truly supporting Enterprise Business Process Analysis.


ADONIS NP involves all BPM stakeholders – from designers to contributors, analysts or employees – and provides them with a collaboration platform in order to improve the performance of the organisation, manage risk better, effectively implement compliance measures, and prepare the organisation for audits. Complemented by a strong and comprehensive integration with our EA platform ADOIT, you can rest assured that ADONIS NP will drive your organisation into the business of tomorrow.