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4 Collaboration with all BPM stakeholders

5 100% browser-based

6 Scalable to meet your needs

7 Tool, method, training & consultancy

Application scenarios

Process design and documentation

Design your process landscape, current (AS-IS) as well as future (TO-BE) processes and assign organizational responsibilities. With the intuitive process modelling in ADONIS, transparency is ensured for the entire supply chain and its dependencies on IT, services, products, and the use of documents and resources as well as of the organizational structure.

Process-based Work Instructions

Efficiently publish and administrate work instructions on a daily basis: up-to-date, transparent, and tailored to each target group.

Give your staff members access to a single and central source of information through ADONIS (“Single Source of Truth”), inform them automatically about innovations and manage documents and work instructions transparently and efficiently.

Quality and Audit Management

Make your next step to leave behind error-prone documentations with a high maintenance effort, which often are assembled from multiple sources. Integrate your management systems for processes, quality, security, compliance and risks.

Keep your QM system always up-to-date with low efforts, automatically create the latest versions of QM handbooks at any time and drastically reduce the effort of system maintenance.

CIP and Initiative Management

The best ideas often come from the inside of your organisation. Be sure to fully exploit this potential and equally motivate your staff.
Give your staff members the possibility to easily bring in improvement suggestions directly online in the published process in the ADONIS Process Portal. Proactively manage changes, start initiatives and control their successful execution.

Compliance Management

Ensuring and actively managing compliance helps you avoid high risks as well as possible penalties or costs resulting from violation of legal standards and regulations.

With ADONIS, you can demonstrate compliance with internal and external regulations, assess their execution and maturity level, and ensure continuous improvement of the current implementation.

Internal Control/Risk Management

Create and optimize integrated internal control and risk management to identify, assess and control the risks of your organization.

ADONIS helps to minimize your risks by optimizing risk management and reporting, as well as through the continuous assessment of your controls. Furthermore, through the integration with your process management you make sure to encounter operational risks where they arise – in your processes.

Process analysis and optimization

Increase your quality and efficiency as well as your turnovers and profits by reducing rejects, costs, and lead and processing time.
Analyze improvement potential in your processes with ADONIS and use scenario simulation to reach informed decisions and the best solution.

Create a lean organization that is equally efficient in the processes and in the use of their resources.

Activity-Based Costing

The process cost analysis in ADONIS provides you with a transparent view on the origin of costs and allows a clear allocation of the different cost types.

Activity-based costing (ABC) supplies numbers for internal and external price models for your products and services and decision support for make-or-buy decisions.

Process-based Human Resource Demand Forecasting

Through an appropriate determination of human resource demand your workforce is used effectively and efficiently.

Plan your current and future human resource demand not only on the basis of business volume, process distributions, and processing times and periods. Consider the required qualifications of your staff members with ADONIS, in order to manage the forecasted workload.

Technical Execution of Processes

With ADONIS your business analysts are provided with a tool that helps obtaining an integrated view on professional aspects and IT.
Define your requirements based on a detailed functional requirements analysis and thereof derive the technical view as part of your requirement engineering process. Finally, transfer the technical processes directly to your execution environments by using standards such as BPMN DI, BPEL and XPDL.

Process Performance Measurement (KPI & Process Performance)

Evaluate and monitor the performance of your processes. Increase your competitiveness and make sure that your processes contribute to the achievement of the business objectives.

With ADONIS your process owners are provided with a trustworthy tool to constantly manage and optimize the performance of your processes.

Goal-oriented BPM

Coordinate your process management objectives and initiatives with your strategic objectives and business skills and monitor their execution and “impact” with ADONIS.

In this way you create a clear understanding in your organization on how your processes contribute to the strategy.


Experience BPM on another level

ADONIS NP comes with an array of certified accessibility features, that offer an enriched and
entirely different user experience and empower all users to work better, faster and easier!



Browse our BPM Suite

Design Intuitively

Model intuitively and structurally enhance transparency: display processes, products, IT and organisation and understand their relations.

Document Efficiently

Quickly capture processes, organisation charts and all other data in the process management in a tabular mode. Configurable Excel import for external “master data” is included.

Communicate Directly

Browsing processes made easy. Innovative textual process view as additional option for the graphical representation.

Communicate Individually

Personalised reading views. Dashboards with individual information for process management. Always up-to-date at a glance, accessible in the ADONIS Process Portal.

Search & Analyse Seamlessly

Integrated. Unique. Quickly and easily search the entire repository with single keywords. Seamlessly and structurally analyse all data and relations with the analysis functions.

Analyse & Assess Comprehensively

Detection of improvement potential in the processes and the organisation through intuitive analyses and management dashboards.

Execute Processes

Successful execution of processes, regardless of the target system: tested standardised interfaces and support for test case management, rollout, and online help.

Measure Process Performance

Measuring for effective controlling and improvement of process performance: capturing KPIs, bringing together data from various systems, reporting and dashboards.

Encourage Feedback

Involve all staff members, collaboratively bring in and discuss ideas online directly in the process.

Improve Continuously

Take up ideas and improvement suggestions and transform them in concrete initiatives. Always keeping an eye on the execution and impacts of the initiatives.

Manage Risks

Establish internal controls, embed them in the organisation, and constantly improve them: risk analysis, control definition as well as continuous review and assessment.

Manage Auditing & Compliance

Prove compliance of regulatory guidelines, laws and standards (QSE etc.). Compact assessments in the form of a compliance matrix and more detailed assessments based on CMMI maturity levels.

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Further Adonis Product Editions

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Community Edition

Your Free Cloud BPM Tool

  • State-of-the-art BPM tool
  • For single users
  • In the cloud, ready in a minute
  • Access your BPM data as you go
  • BPM expert community
  • Free & active as long as you use it
  • Free sample repository

Academy Edition

Your Free Cloud BPM Classroom

  • Free BPM tool for lecturers/students
  • Collaborative course environment
  • Comprehensive sample content
  • Course material and exercises
  • Widespread cooperation opportunities
  • Free cloud access to ADONIS
  • Free course material

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Process Analysis & Optimization

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Quality Management
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Process Maps for Process Optimization and Digitalization

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"The ADONIS Process Portal creates company-wide transparency,
since it allows all employees to view and understand processes.

Dirk Berger,
Organizational Developer, gkv informatik

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