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Tool Training

ADONIS Foundation Training I

  • Introduction to the concepts and functionality of ADONIS
  • Introduction to the user interface
  • Development of basic knowledge about components of process models
  •  Enrichment of process tasks with detailed information and centrally maintained BPM master data
  • Introduction to the modelling functions
  • Independent...
Tool Training

ADONIS Foundation Training II

  • Strengthening of basic knowledge
  • Detailed exercises
  • Validation of modelling and syntax
  • Application of search and analysis functions
  • Performing of practical applications such as:

    • Creation of process maps
    • Selection of the appropriate level of detail in modelling
    • Use of the release workflow
    • Collaboration w...
Tool Training

ADONIS Focus Training

Focus training provides specific content on the following topics:


  • MOVE training for ADONIS classic modellers who would like to work with ADONIS NP in the future
  • Update training ("refresher") for ADONIS classic – especially to learn about new functionalities
  • Simulation training for the calculation o...
Tool Training

ADONIS Administration Training

  • Introduction to user management (creating, changing, deleting users and user groups)
  • Introduction to model management (assigning models to model groups, establishing a model group structure, editing user rights)
  • Rights management (relation between model and user groups)
  • Library management
  • Import/export ...
Tool Training

ADOIT Foundation Training I

  • Introduction to the concepts and functionality of ADOIT
  • Structuring the ADOIT repository
  • Introduction to application portfolio management: Capturing objects
  • Generation of analysis, views and reports
  • Introduction to Master Data Management: Creation of CRUD matrices
  • Independent execution of exercises and j...